by J-Flowz

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Organic EP is a collaborative project created by Ça Sonne Bien creative rapper J-Flowz and producer Srabi Machine. Following the debut mixtape ‘2GirlsN1Cup’. Organic comes as the second installment from J-Flowz. The project was created with the incentive of updating J-Flowz audience with the transition of evolving his music and content.


released March 11, 2017

Created by : J-Flowz and Srabi Machine


N.o of tracks: 4
Enginered by: Adiktive
Artwork by : Arsedi & Kisanna
Company : Ça Sonne Bien

-'This composition contains elements from “Easy” (Ryan Lott). Published by Ryan Lott Music/Domino Publ. Co. Ltd.. Used by permission. All rights reserved.'



all rights reserved


J-Flowz UK

Do I really need a reason | London, UK


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Track Name: Tweak
[Verse 1]
Who are you
Trying to tell me what to do
You weren't with me back of house
Banging hours at the zoo

I was born in 92
I dropped Evisus back in primary school
Only me and one other nigger wearing white Nike shoes

This shit's deeper than six feet
But being 6 foot don't make you a man out here
Couldn't care less for the fame
Remember the name
Niggers still claiming that next year's theirs

Still banging out no...

Still banging out Keno
Ripped jeans
Parents couldn't afford a sweet sixteen
So I stopped having birthdays
You can keep your hand shakes
Now they want to fuck with the new guy
Old business new ties

[Verse 2]
Come let me show you how I live
Come fuck with a kid
Only break bread with the niggers I'm
Niggers don't leave your chick around here
Puff puff pass
I don't take no Dizzy
Old man ain't happy that the plans have changed
Done with spending every single penny I make

For real
Still feeling my old shit

Still living in a Council flat
Government trying to Tax my back
I been killing shows back to back
Still, niggers don't rate me

Don't tempt me
How long will it take me
Niggers know I'm ill
They be watching my techniques

I be swagging out black on black
Hardly parler with niggers I would die for
Burning more trees
Busy all week
Getting no sleep
I be swagging out black on black


[Verse 3]
Switch on them
When the beat drops
Tell these watch The Throne
Cause the seats hot

Creep on them
Beast on them
Quit worrying how long it will take me

I'm on my way
Better get them numbers right
I'm trying to get paid
Oh she's trying to get laid
OooohI been grinding for days
Six finger deal nigger

You don't know how many niggers told me
They could get me somewhere
You don't know how many niggers told me
Imma make it one day
Track Name: Tuesday Night ft Kojey Radical
[Verse 1: J-Flowz]
I know ninos with them toasters
Bitches be looking for closure
But they ain't getting no closer
I've be rapping out a cave
I've been hustling all day
Busy tryna get that pay

Still leaning off them clouds
Have you ever had a 1 on 1

Thats when your soul comes out of your chest
And starts telling you some real shit
This rappers be dehydrated
I been hibernating

Putting work in like an off licence
No licence
Swerving sirens
You know machine he got that flame

Let it burn
Im the man under pressure

Mercy to the flamers

Let it burn
Im the man under pressure

[verse 2: J-FLowz]
Someone cry for me
Feels like i'm getting closer
Their tryna fuck with me
I ain't bending over

Someone cry with me
I realised the other night
That i could die in this city
Like any other black guy

I bought some pumas for the revelation
Thats why i do this
I shot down kupid

Peace and love
To all my enemies and foes
I'm for ever on my toes
Try fuck with me

I lost my marbles
Fell down and stumbled
All praises to la familia
What's mine is yours
What's yours is mine
Like a diamond in the rubal

See me shine
See me climb
To the top

When i die
Engrave those numbers on my coffin

[verse 3: J-FLowz]
I like em classy
A little rachet
Pussyy with no behaviour
She ain't got to smoke weed
As long as i can

Yes im the main
Flier than peter pan
My worlds like neverland
I pray i never land
I pray i never land

This flows retarded
Life of the party
I brought my people
You know bacardi
Still miss casino

Pressure pressure
Pressure pressure

When i die
Ill rest in peace
Its late to rescue

[Verse 4: Kojey Radical]
I feel like
Mother teresa and ted bundy
Kill em’ with kindness and keep the bodies
I’m trying to put a belly on the table
And still get change of the payment
I’m a man under pressure baby
I’m a man under

My iris don’t tell a story?
Lets talk. Walk
Through staircases with heroin
Needles that sit next to
Monster munch packets
Ironic. I guess we all get hungry
I lost appetite, carrying my nephew
Through it all with his eyes closed
This is all to real, all to close to home
Hit the roads then home again
Another day, another penny for your
Thoughts. I’m done with opinions
Facts only

I cry sometimes
I’m a man under pressure, baby
I’m a man under pressure, baby

Can’t get complacent
Can’t see my face too much you’ll hate it

I’m a man under pressure, baby
I’m a man under pressure, yeah
I cry sometimes
I cry sometimes
Track Name: Thailand
[Verse 1]
Excuse the aggression
Niggers want to test me
They don't really know me
I keep my day one niggers round
Whole world changed when I dropped out
Two or three K
Still living out my mums house
Nigger, I ain't shit yet
Trying to make more
But having good taste makes it hard to spend less
Taking flight overseas killing boards
Everything paid for
Shut down when we touch down
Sonne Bien nigger
Yeah you know what we came for
I ain't ever seen a kilo
Rather push a skateboard
Different day different whips
Shit I ain't got it like that
[Verse 2]
You know machine
Hit you with that laser beam
You know the team
Sonne Bien
You know the team
I be up in my space
Bad bitch up in my face
I give her a taste
I've been hunger for days
Niggers be feeling my shit
Their pumping my wave
Pull up in the sccrrr
Tell her jump in
Then I'm up in her skirt
That pussy get murked
And in the morning
Make her remember my verse
I'm in to kill it
Surrounded by winners
These niggers don't get it
I took my time
Perfected my rhymes
Now they be feeling my image
Room full Pepé
Feeling like Popeye
I'm smoking on spinach
My niggers my niggers
My niggers my niggers
My niggers my niggers
Still wearing the same wrapped jeans
French niggers out in wood green
Couple bad bitch on my iPhone
But they're nothing like my main chick
When I say brrr
These niggers say stick up
Ça sonne bien
My niggers stay active
Everything I do
See I do nice
Real better recognize real when we come threw
Whole scenes going to change when they hear this
Big Romie done told you
Everything run through
Step up in the place scream show'dem
Fuck around watch me show'dem
Said she want a real
Nigger with a pay cheque
I ain't that though
Sneaking threw the back door
It sounds good, don't it?
Real niggers understood, don't they?
Track Name: Fables
I could sell you stories
I could sell you stories

I could sell you stories
But this ain't Balamory
I ain't out here flipping bricks nigger
You know my mother raised a good nigger
I could sell you stories
But this ain't Balamory
I was never in the hood nigger
You know my mother raised a good nigger

[verse 1]
No, I don't carry I.D
Smoking poison ivy
Sipping two amigos
Sipping three amigos
Power to the people
They understand the movement
Now they know I'm able x2
To go anywhere
My music everywhere
These bitches dig my profile
I ain't on no label
You've all heard the stories
You know that Cain killed Abel
Still, be banging kano
Still, be banging kano


[verse 2]
Loyal to them numbers
Slowly applied some pressure
See how I got them tweaking
See how this shits organic
Better take me in
Your dealing with a God
Make them through their hands up
Like their trying to pray to God
I could sell you stories
From no one knowing my name
To open mic's, flew overseas
And now promoters be booking my name
Sell you stories
I've been putting in work
Engraving my name in the game
Told my mother don't worry
Your sons got this
I'm going to make them remember my face

You see
The thing about Organic is...
It would be nothing without putting it through the machine
Burn x4

[Outro Verse]
This shit started from a freestyle
Niggers weren't ready for the mixtape
Now they hear I'm working on an EP
Imma have that shit banging like an album
I'm doing everything I told you that I would do
Couple niggers in my city
Show me, mad love
Some of them are trying
Mhmm mhmm mhmm
Fuck it
When will the cheques come
Fuck it they can come when they want to
At the end of the day, Imma get mine
I give the people what they ask
Heading to the top floor
Road trips in and out the city
Airport in and out of cities
This shit started back in 06
Was the kid
Who was fucking up every dance floor
Sneaking out to raves on a weekend
Only other option
Was to stay over a friends house
Popped my first brunch at sixteen
I was the kid
Who would try and do everything
Ask me who I was
I would tell a nigger everything
Ain't no politicking
Time is ticking
Trying to get it in
It ain't easy where Your from I'm from
You know we just trying to win